Bulk Mailer 8 Software Free Download 2020

Bulk Mailer Software – Best marketing tool for coming ages. Perform great marketing by sending bulk of emails at once. Well this built-in Email Extractor includes Email extractor and Email Verification. With it, you can post FB ads and Twitter links in a single Email. It includes long term consequences for effective marketing. If you imagine how much you can reach the level of sales then this tool is best for you. You can get an accurate reach due its gives you guarantee that your Emails are going directly into inboxes.

Bulk Mails is based on a emails you want to send as there is no limit of time. You can check the bounce emails or the latest mails from pop-up towards server. You may not get block by any receiver as promised by developers of Bulk Mailer. Track you emails whenever you want. So make a productive and proactive email and send to large number of Email IDs.

Just Download next sign up and synchronize with your preferred Email. Collect email IDs and start writing to send in a bulk. Your emails will not go in spam. Import Emails from text to excel or vice versa. Eassos Recovery Free Download

Bulk Mailer Key Features:

  • No email will go in spam feel free to send
  • Maximum of 10,000 Emails could be sent in a single dispatch time
  • Use only one Email account to perform actions (supports yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and AOL)
  • Punch your Email directly to targeted inbox
  • No limit of time and number of emails you sent
  • Send Personalized Email with special material suggested via this tool
  • Make groups region vise and send your email
  • Get report of bounced Email

What’s New?

  • Provision of Email up to 5000 words
  • Send Emails in incognito
  • Bulk out your Emails with instant stability
  • Use Images and Attachments to send
  • Download & Use Report in SVC format
  • Multithread prevention for sender
  • Initiate your Marketing Moment with guaranteed effectiveness


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