Business Card Maker Software for Windows and MAC

Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker Software Download

Business Card Maker Software is now a trending tool for Windows and MAC systems. Design the both sides of your business cars with just few clicks. Its features are available for efficient use for high quality creativity spreading business cards. It offers helpful editing features like inserting logos, inserting clip art emojis, sharp images and unique background. More than 2000 fonts are available of unique designs.

You can design multiple cards with batch processing and save them in PDF file format. Designed to deliver user-friendly interference. So that you can personalize your business card with a proud and unique identity.

Business Card Maker

Tips of Business Card Maker Software:

  • Pick a Shape and Size: You need to click the desired layout prior to resize the card. After selecting a layout select the given measured size or randomly you may select. There is a given option of portrait or landscape.
  • Select the Theme you want: There is an option on the top of the toolbar. Where you can select a design after choosing the theme that suits your business appearance.
  • Brand with the Image: You need to know that a background with image opacity is worth more than any design (suggestion). You may add your unique logo by simply clicking on Replace background button. On the other side there is an available built-in library you can randomly select creative logos.
  • Describe to Engage: Select the text link given on the top in the toolbar to add description and your contact details. Customize your text by using spacing, colors, opacity and precise resizing option.
  • Want to Print?
  • Simply after download you may save or print immediately or share them to social media.

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