How to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Single Android Phone

How to use Dual WhatsApp on a single Android phone? This is the question people are asking us in very trendy. So let us tell about if you use dual SIM, and desire to set both numbers lying on WhatsApp toward use it frequently then it’s good. In this article we go to tell about the easiest way to enjoy dual WhatsApp on single mobile. Also, with our instructions you can send or receive messages with different SIM numbers but with a single phone. If you are looking for how to Install Dual WhatsApp on a single phone then you are on the right place. So, there are merely 2 different methods to install WhatsApp. Some phones are offering the major feature of dual WhatsApp accordingly.

Clone Application:

Meanwhile you can install 3rd party applications instead of original WhatsApp, that will run much easy. But let us clarify that this dual WhatsApp is not for iPhone users where android user can take full advantage of it. Also we recommend that the dual running WhatsApp accounts on a single phone will be basic need of people now days. So, WhatsApp is based on the SIM number that is basically your ID and proof of using WhatsApp. And it sense your presence through SIM card. Present are little manufacturing tips of settings in Android phone so to anybody preserve place phone for dual WhatsApp.  

How to Use Dual WhatsApp with a Single Android Mobile?

So folks, utilize single mobile along dual WhatsApp & if user is willing to start dual WhatsApp than you desire to follow our instructions very deeply. Surely after reading this article user will learn spirit & talented to manufacture dual WhatsApp in a single Place I mean in a single mobile phone. Present are 3 cased there you force begin the installation process via Google installation. Simply anybody is able to cloning Application behind installation in your Android Mobile Phone.

Tips to Enjoy Double WhatsApp Application on Android Phone:

  • Look forward to detailed pace by running dual WhatsApp with Following settings.
  • First a fall you contain to install WhatsApp one time from instant play store
  • After the installation you want to go to settings
  • Tick on dual apps cloner option
  • Once the phone asking you to keep in twin app then clone app
  • At this time you determination see the inventory of application to you want to use double
  • We here are setting up WhatsApp, so tick on the toggle WhatsApp icon
  • Now you want to tune lying on the cloner application once
  • Check the desktop screen of android either the clone app is shown or not
  • Of shown then good if not than reboot your Android phone surely then you will
  • Instead if you are shown with dual app than contact us we will help you via Email or Phone Call

How to run dual WhatsApp Account on Android Phone?

Once dual application has been shown than you have to go through with the simple methods that are extremely quiet simple. The Details are as Follow:

  • Normally register your first what’s app application with your SIM 1 and start the second WhatsApp
  • On the next stage you have to agree with the terms and conditions with dual WhatsApp
  • Now open second WhatsApp application and enter your SIM 2 number
  • Since, you will get the verification code and the same code should be entered and you will start using dual WhatsApp on a single Android Phone
  • No issue if you send files from one WhatsApp to another
  • But only one thing is restricted that you can’t call on the number that is parallel with your second Clone WhatsApp Application

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