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Sarahah APK Download is the android based app. It lets you receive unknown feedback for yourself. The feedback you receive can be used for self-development or take it as a useless criticism. The best application for the people those want to explore them self by their weaknesses and strengths. It’s the better performing app trending now a days for social work settings. Similarly, it helps people get honest feedbacks from colleagues, friends, family members and more.

About Sarahah

Sarahah is basically a word that means honesty. The developer has used this word to take feedback from the anonymous via this app. The good thing is that it can be assessed in English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and other 20+ languages. This app is likely to be available on our Website.

How to Do?

Well we know that phone messages are really somehow stocking. It works dedicatedly on messaging that the sender will send and a receiver will receive in a private form. The anonymous response that lets you know their feedback is based on their opinion. The feedback that you may receive can be presented on your social media accounts. You may create your account and connect with thousands of friends in this world.

Approaching Others Anonymously:

Sarahah app Free Download works in both the ways like others do to you. In the same way you can send messages to others even to your own friends, also to your boss. With the same level of anonymously. Keeping this app will benefit for you all the time being respectful and getting honest feedback for yourself.

Sarahah Top Features:
  • Keeping Login account all time
  • No comments but only feedback responses
  • Encourages others to improve them selves
  • New concept of sun and entertainment
  • Download and join with only signup
  • Visible only to account holder

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